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Calicchio R3-7 Bb Trumpet SN/ 7000


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Hollywood 75th Anniversary Made by Chris Weik.  Dominic’s Grandson


Calicchio R3-7 Bb Trumpet SN/ 7000  This horn is reminiscent of the classic ‘Freddie Hubbard’ R3-9 Calicchio, but with the famous #3 (Red Brass” bell and #7 lead pipe in standard configuration, with medium Large Bore. The efficient leadpipe setup balances the big bell and open blow of this trumpet very nicely. The patina will be cleaned by this weekend.  1st impressions of this horn is that it is a WINNER!.  The leadpipe is clean, receiver is flawless, and the sound palate has depth and brilliance.  Valves/ slides, and compression is excellent.  This horn has never been played or even out of the house until now.  It’s been in the private collection of Chris all these years.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in