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Callet "Jazz" S/n 6694


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The original Callet “Jazz” is one of the trumpets that set the standard for modern super horns. Beautiful sound in any register, great intonation, response, exceptional projection. Upper register response and slotting to handle modern trumpet literature with ease.  Finding it’s way into every music venue. While hugely popular among lead and commercial trumpeters it also found its way into Symphony Orchestras and everywhere in between.

“Originally introduced around 1990 featuring the EXPANDABORE principle where the reversed lead pipe venturi began at .*347* at the larger heavy receiver end and then gradually expands to .450 at the beginning of the main tuning slide. Then continues to .460 at the tapered tuning crook. The expansion continues around the curve of the main tuning slide to its final size of .470 going into the third piston.  Thus creating a true conical bore trumpet. Which makes the Jazz play and respond like a cornet or a smaller bore trumpet. All the while retaining the volume and projection for which Callet trumpets are famous. If your desire in a trumpet is one which can express your musical ideas softly with dark lyrical sound when that is your wish, yet can provide power and projection when your performance demands it. Then the Jazz might be for you.”

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