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Chicago Brass Works Tanabe SN/ 6 GOLD Brush


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Think “Voca Bell”

Made by Wayne Tanabe before he was recruited to go work for Yamaha. This is number 6 of only 12 made. .460 bore with Bauerfine valves and a rimless bell ( no bead ) like the Conn Vocabells.. The bell is two piece, meaning the bell flare or stem. There is a seam about 1.5” in front of the logo on the bell towards the rimless flare which was made with two different metals. Tthe copper stem ( bell from where it leaves the valve casing and goes past the logo) and the flare is all brass.  Sometimes if you look inside the bell you can spot the seam but the plating or finish covers this pretty well.  Theis is an excellent playing horn with superb mechanics.  Comes with attractive custom Valve finger buttons.   This horn can screamm but still has a beautiful tone down low.



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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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