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Couesnon Flugelhorn S/n 78524 W/ Original Case /Mpc/ Reeves PVA & Chem Clean


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Excellent sounding Flugel!!!!! SN# 78524  With Recent Bob Reeves Chem Clean and Valve alignment.  Comes with the Original Case and MPC

‘B’ stamped in the 2nd valve

The SILVER plate on this horn looks real good. Valves are excellent. Horn plays GREAT! If you want a dark warm sounding flugel this is the one! Excellent fast valves. Smokey dark flugel sound. This horn is the bomb! No other flugel compares with the sound of Couesnon Flugel!. All valves & slides are excellent, tight, they work free & easy, excellent compression. It’s has some haze in the plate, really minor stuff. I love these horns!!!!!! This horn was bought new in 1966, I think, it’s a pretty good horn/sounds excellent for sure. These horns will even play better with a Charlie Melk tuning shank, but still plays great with original Couesnon pipe.

The serial numbers of the Couesnon Fluges is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. A fire in 1978 destroyed all records of these great horns.Couesnon is one of the great names in brass instruments, in business over 170 years. It grew to include eight factories employing, at one time, over 1800 people in France. In the USA in the 1950s, the Couesnon flugelhorn became very popular as a doubling instrument for jazz trumpet artists. Their flugelhorn sounded great, was readily available, and was cheap. They were everywhere. Its design is copied by the overwhelming majority of instrument makers who now make and market flugelhorns. More Pictures upon request. YouTube ASAP

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in