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Destino 3* By Kanstul satin/frost lacquered finish S/n 38545. (#99)


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Here is a brand spanking NEW MINT Destino three star by Kanstul manufactured on October 13, 2006.

It has never been played, yet was play tested by Doc. It is a satin/frost lacquered horn, serial #38,545, with gold trim. Some gold even ended up underneath the mother of pearl finger buttons. 

The number “99” on the very bottom of the 2nd valve casing (bell side) denotes the 99th Destino made by Kanstul.

The story goes, according to Charles Hargett,  that Doc approached Zig with a design by Byron Autrey and Doc to create the Destino (originally based on his French Besson prototype).  Zig referred him to Franz Straub in Germany,  which Doc immediately went to to start making his horn. This horn was based on Doc’s French Besson.  Doc hired a few people to help him sell them, but as funds ran out, so did the production. Doc came back to Zig and asked if he could continue the horn making, and asked to add another horn called the Aria (based on Doc’s prototype 1930 NY Bach)…..Zig accepted!

This was a couple years into the original design and Franzie. Byron and Doc play tested every horn made, and Charlie Davis tested a few himself. After learning that the name ‘Aria’ was taken,  they had to rename the horn. So, they decided that the Destino one star would be the Besson prototype and the Destino three star would now be the NY Bach prototype and no longer called Aria. A few more years into this current production,  Zig finally halted the project, as he became tired of Doc wanting to constantly make changes. According to Charles, they always had head-butting contests.  Originally these horns were selling for $4000 (NEW)

Get this one for $1000 less. (NEW)

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