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Puje' By Bobby DeNicola S/n 516926 W/ Reeves


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Puje S/n 516926 By Bobby DeNicola Bright silver plate.
Adjustable finger hooks/rings, and Amado water keys.
This is the REAL  DEAL!

A silverplated hybrid trumpet/cornet/flugal was hand made by master craftsman Bobby DeNicola of Murrels Inlet, South Carolina. The ‘Puje’ (pronounced ‘pudgy’) Bb trumpet is only about 14′ long and has a .460 bore and uses a trumpet mouthpiece, has monel valves, 3 Amado water keys, and a shepherd’s crook bell. Its philosophy is to incorporate the best features of a trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn. Bobby’s designs are quite innovative and compact. This model has a tuning loop between the tail of the bell and the 1st valve that allows the player to adjust the horn’s length just as he or she would adjust the 1st valve crook. It is made with heavy weight brass. This horn is easy to hold and fun to play; perfect for jazz, club dates and solo work. The sound could be described as ‘in between’ a cornet, flugel and trumpet (more trumpet than flugal)– wonderfully soft, lyrical and pleasant, but with attiude if you summon it. It can meow one minute and be screaming the next if you step on its tail! This horn is, to say the least– unique. But don’t let its ‘cute’ looks fool you, this is a serious and gutsy professional instrument.

The trumpet shows no signs of dents or scratches and works very well and is a LOT of fun to play. Very cool idea and design and many things about this instrument that are amazing and different.  Really fun! No Case but ProTec make a great cornet Case, or even a Glenn Conkright cornet gig bag fit s this bad boy perfectly.

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