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Schilke B7 S/n 65786


Medium bore models B7 – Large (A or # 1) Fixed bell Model These are each ‘Step bore’ designs where the bore of the horn expands through the leadpipe, tuning slide and tuning slide bow, and valve slide bows, opening up the horn and making it freer blowing. Although unadvertised, the B6 has a standard weight pure copper bell (not the lightweight beryllium bell) that it shares with the B5. The B7L have yellow brass bells. B7L Trumpets are among the more popular Schilke models and the very popular Yamaha YTR 6310Z is based upon this design, although the Schilke models are slightly larger in bore size than the Yamaha. They are easy playing and do not take a lot of air to fill up. More Pictures upon request YouTube ASAP

Beautiful Silver Plate! Vintage, excellent condition (pristine actually), excellent compression… looks like NEW! Only driven to church on Sundays… this B7 is clean as whistle and tight as drum! Silver plate, excellent scale, fast response, solid core with ridiculous projection. The B7 overall has excellent intonation and scale. It is warm playing medium bore model. More pictures upon request.

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