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Schilke C7 "C" Trumpet SN# 3949 (Circa 1969)


Schilke C7 “C” Trumpet SN# 3949 (Circa 1969)

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Schilke C7 “C” Trumpet SN# 3949 (Circa 1969)


I’ve been told that The Minnesota Orchestra trumpet section played custom (extra large bell flare) C7s in the mid to late ‘60’s when Steve Chenette was principal.

A big, rich sound for the soloist or section performer. The fine intonation of Schilke’s B flat trumpets is present likewise in their C trumpets. Many of these are step bore designs producing horns far more free blowing than other manufacturer’s horns of nominally the same bore size.

The C7 Traditional Custom Series trumpet is an ideal choice for the player that desires a big, rich sound as a soloist or section performer The C7 model provides a broad sound economically with some resistance yet does not feel like a medium bore instrument while playing the horn. This C7 trumpet has a fixed yellow brass bell.  This Schilke Trumpet is made by hand most likely from the “Old Man” Renold Schilke.

Schilke C trumpets have never reached the popularity of Schilke B flats and are rarely found in larger orchestras. The number of each model made, with the exception of the C5, remains annually in the single digits. The Schilke C trumpets have a transparent brilliant sound, and are more commonly found in brass quintets, chamber orchestras and ensembles, and in solo work, than the heavier denser Bach and Yamaha C trumpets which dominate orchestral music in the United States.

It is a medium bore model with the large warm sounding #1 bell.  ……. C7 – Large bell (A) bell, introduced in 1964

C7 – Yellow brass fixed bell. A large throat #1 bell with a taper graduated for even and full-bodied tone.
Medium bore with a Large throat bell

Schilke C7 Traditional Custom Series C Trumpet

Key: C
Bore: .450-inch (11.42mm)
Leadpipe: Reverse taper
Leadpipe Material: Yellow brass
Bell: 5-inch (127mm) large throat with #1 taper in fixed or tunable design
Bell Material: Yellow brass
Valves: Monel
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring

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