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Schilke P4-3 Sn/n 7549 (Circa 1978) GOLD PLATE


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Schilke P4-3 Sn/n 7549 (Circa 1978) GOLD PLATE    Charlie Melk overhauled it. Gold Plated PVA, Blue printed the whole enchilada!Brass Bell  Schilke built its first piccolo in September of 1966, without a model number and simply called The Piccolo Trumpet. This one is absolutely perfect! The Schilke registry  ledger book indicates the first buyer was Michael Baker

3 Valves and the money shot straight through the tubes! It has three valves and a medium bore (0.450 inch) that is significantly larger than the small bore (around 0.415) piccolos made in the French tradition which previously dominated the market. It also has expanded valve bows and large bore piston ports. 3RD slide finger ring These differences are immediately apparent and make the horn far more free blowing than any previous manufactured piccolos. It has a scale and playability far better than than the smaller instruments. Since at least 1979 or so all P4s have come with beryllium bells standard. Usual flawless Schilke craftsmanship and attention to detail. Intonation is very good with probably the best valve action on the planet. The P4 is similar in bore and bell to the P5-4, except it has only three valves. The P4 is listed in the company’s current price list, but is not included in the catalog. Rare and hard to find! Excellent design and construction, very smooth valve action, intonation is exceptional through the full range of the instrument, nice full tone with good center. It projects very well, and a great deal of fun to play. 

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