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Selmer SN/ 39141 K-Mod 24B


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Selmer SN/ 39141 K-Mod 24B trumpet from around 1969  This horn lives up to this description. Superb Valve Action, An excellent jazz horn, with a smoky sound, nimble response and dead-on intonation. Valves are fast have plenty of compression. There are no signs or trauma. Just a few minor bell pings, with very little lacquer missing. This horn is a stunning player as well as a collectors item! The extensive engraving is sharp and clear and BEAUTIFUL.  Designed by Keith Ecker for Selmer (Is how the K-Mod gets it’s name) Many great players have used K-Mods over the years and a lot still do. Some players believe it is an excellent alternative to the classic Martin Committee with it’s own characteristic jazz sound, and others point out that it is similar in sound and response to the more modern Selmer Chorus 80J. Get this ‘BADBOY’ for half the price of a Chorus 80J! Original Zippered Case.Comes with a Conform Mouthpiece and a Bach 7c. The Figer button are missing the Mother Of Pearl inserts.  You can find Selmer Valve buttons or get aftermarket one from several manufacturers.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in