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Warburton Tiger Trumpet Blue


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AT this point this horn needs a little love maybe sending it back to Warburton for a tune up.  The valves drag  ;(

( Makes a great bugle though )

The world’s first truly functional plastic trumpet available in brightly colored ABS Plastic. The Tiger is durable, playable, fun and affordable.

Ideal for everyone – from younger students, school bands on budget, marching bands, players that need a back-up trumpet (for times not practical to bring other instrument) to professional players – or for any trumpet player that wants a unique addition to their trumpet collection. Currently available in four colors – blue, red, pink and purple. Where will you play your Tiger?

Destined to be tremendously popular, the Tiger Trumpet possesses a satisfying timbre, surprisingly good valve action, and a stunning appearance. It is sure to be a conversation starter on the bandstand. It comes with a 3C Delrin mouthpiece designed by Warburton and a lightweight plastic case.

The Tiger Trumpet is a successful collaboration of brass Instrument designer and manufacturer, Mr. Sun JD, Rheinsound Music of Beijing, Kidd Industries plastic injection molding, and Terry Warburton of the USA.

The designer is Mr. Sun JD, chief trumpeter of The General Political Department of the PLA Art Troupe. He has 40 years of experience playing the trumpet. Tiger Trumpet is his research achievement of many years. Beijing Rheinsound Music is responsible for manufacturing and marketing the instruments. Warburton Music participates in product quality supervision and final inspection of the finished products.

This is the first truly playable plastic (ABS plastic) trumpet manufactured. It may look like a toy but after you play one, you realize that it is indeed a musical instrument.

The parts are meticulously manufactured by Sun JD Industries, and then assembled in John’s (Qiang Zhong) brass instrument factory by the same skilled people who build the fine line of RheinSound Design trombones and trumpets. John’s experienced team of assemblers is familiar with the precision required to assemble a brass instrument – ensuring that each Tiger Trumpet is built correctly.

  • B flat trumpet
  • Removable 1st, 3rd and Main tuning slides
  • Pistons and casing sleeve made of aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Colors available – red, blue, pink, purple
  • QC inspected and play tested by Warburton

Be a part of the coming wave. 

  • Bore size = .464
  • Bell size = 5 inches, emblazoned with Tiger logo
  • ABS plastic – durable and dent proof
  • Light weight – 1 lb. with case 4 lb.
  • Includes Warburton Delrin Tiger 3C mouthpiece in Tiger Yellow , Tiger slide lubricant and specially formulated Tiger oil (silicone based)
  • Plastic Case included
  • 6 month warranty
  • Caution: must use tiger lube lubricant. Usage of any petroleum based oil is damaging to pistons and voids warranty.

Additional information

Weight 6.000000 lbs
Dimensions 12.000000 × 12.000000 × 24.000000 in


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