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Yamaha Custom 915 Piccolo


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Yamaha Custom 915 piccolo trumpet first purchased new in 1981.  It is from the first generation of Yamaha Custom models built between 1970 and 1975. Kennelly Keys Music had several of these horns that they had in stock until the early 80’s.

Comes with 3 Leadpipes Yamaha A&Bb and a Blackburn A pipe

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The first Piccolo trumpets in the Yamaha range were introduced in 1970 as part of the “Custom” range trumpets, the same year as the Toyooka plant opened and full Yamaha wind production started on a large scale. The model range included at least one model of trumpet in every key. It would seem that there were 4 Piccolo models within the 1970-1975 range. Note that this initial range of Custom trumpets does NOT fit into the usual Yamaha system of model numbers where the 1st number indicates the “Custom” range, the 2nd number key, the 3rd bore etc. One difficulty found with in this range is that it appears Yamaha did NOT stamp the model number onto these instruments, only their serial number. There are also discrepancies as to when Yamaha stamped the “Custom” logo onto the leadpipe or other locations. It would seem that the range was supplied in silver plate as standard, although a later “Custom” catalogue suggests that lacquer is available upon “special request”. With regard to the serial numbers, it seems these early model piccolos use their own series of 4 digit numbers. In this 1st generation of piccolos the bore size was unified as a medium bore of 11.30mm or 0.445”. They all use the same “YK” Yamaha piccolo bell profile.

The 4 models seem to be the:

YTR-917 and the

The first model, the YTR-915 is a 4 valve short model, styled after the Selmer short model piccolo trumpets. The 915 is characterized by its 1st valve slide being straight or parallel to the leadpipe. Similarly, the 4th valve slide is located on the left hand side of the instrument, differentiating it from the current “Professional” range model YTR-6810/S. This piccolo is referenced in the catalog marked as “Yamaha Custom Band Instruments” dating from the early 1970’s. The YTR-915 was replaced by the YTR-981 in 1975 when Yamaha’s 2nd generation of “Custom” trumpets were introduced.

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