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Yamaha Custom YTR 9825 Piccolo


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Yamaha Custom YTR 9825 Piccolo

Yamaha’s latest Piccolo trumpet model YTR-9825 targeting the professional and high level amateurs.
This brand new design features two sets of leadpipes in both Bb and A with trumpet and cornet mouthpiece receivers. The trigger is adjustable and easy to hold.
YTR-9825 comes 4 leadpipes. Two leadpipes have trumpet mouthpiece receivers in Bb and A while the other two have cornet mouthpiece receivers in Bb and A.
Perfect condition. Includes everything shown, no dents, dings or past repairs. Includes an extra custom slide from Yamaha for 3rd when A rotor is not required.
Level Custom Piccolo Trumpet (long model)
Key of Bb / A
Bore M: 0.445″
Bell Diameter 4″
Leadpipe Two sets; Bb and A for trumpet and Bb and A for cornet
Body Material Yellow Brass
Bell Material Yellow Brass; One-Piece
Weight Light
Key Buttons Mother of Pearl
Finish Silver
Pistons/ Valves Monel (3) with a 3rd valve slide rotor
Mouthpiece TR11A5 for trumpet and CR11A4 for cornet
Features New leadpipe design

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in