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HornTrader can sell your horn!

There is no up-front cost and you only pay a small percentage of FINAL SALE PRICE after the horn is sold.  The HornTrader is known world wide for quality horns and straight forward descriptions of the instruments in the HornTrader’s inventory.  Steve Dillard (AKA The HornTrader) has been doing this a LONG time (over two decades)!   Not only can he handle the many problems of shipping and money exchanges world wide, he is also a Performer/Teacher with an extensive resume.  The fact that Steve can play and perform the repertoire of the modern day trumpeter with his YouTube video demos is a MAJOR selling tool! 

The HornTrader offers a FLAT Commission of 20% for repeat customers, clients with multiple horns, and horns selling over $3500, or 25% for first time customers.

Please fill out the form below. To email or “snail-mail” pictures of your horn, please fill out the form below or call 619.401.2828, and we’ll provide email or street address.  

A few reasons why HornTrader is better than Ebay?

1.) We communicate with all potential buyers and sort out the lookie lous.

2.) We offer expert knowledgeable advice to all our customers in real time.

3.) A huge client base with many repeat customers! 

4.) We are familiar with world currency and many of the popular shipping options. 

5.) We accept Visa / MC / Paypal / International Postal Money Orders / Bank Transfers /Cash, and occasionally personal checks.

Besides listing your horn on my site,  The Horntrader is known world wide. We have a physical address where people come the world over to audition instruments. If you send your horn to me I will post a YouTube video of me playing your instrument and and also display it on the HornTrader Facebook site at no extra charge.It is much faster / easier to sell a trumpet if it is here in the shop.  If you need the horn in the interim.  We can turn it around back to you very quickly at a nominal cost.

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    If you do not have a digital camera take a picture from a 35mm and have it scanned at a copy shop and put on a disc.

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