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Brass Spire Unicorn BPTRC-1000S “C” S/n VK0003


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Brass Spire Unicorn “C” S/n VK0003

Budget “C” trumpet that plays incredible!  Wait till you see the video (coming soon)


BPTRC-1000S (C Trumpet)
Regular style C Trumpet
Designed by Kei Aruga(Chief engineer of MAC corporation JAPAN)

・Tuning :C
・Bore size:11.73mm(L)
・Bell size:125mm
・Red brass leadpipe
・Two piece Red brass bell
・Two piece Valve casing(All Yellow brass)
・Nickel silver Main tuning’s pillar
・Special shaped Mouthpiece receiver
・Special shaped Piston buttons
・Stainless pistons
・Vertical 3rd slide stop
・Main,1st,3rd finger Rings
・Regular water key(main tuning slide)
・All Silver plated
・w/ Semi-hard case (Styrofoam case, Shoulder or Backpack)
・w/ mouthpiece
・We reproduce the design of the standard Pro C Trumpet, But we chose large Bell.
・Easy to blow and really bright sound
・By Nickel silver Main tuning’s pillar, it makes more Sharp sound.
・Special shaped Mouthpiece receiver conveys the vibration of the mouthpiece in a musical instrument efficiently
・Good for student who is specialized in classical music, and Professional musicians.


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in