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BUSH Mouthpieces


Trumpet players throughout the world have realized the need for a precision-built, custom mouthpiece. Each Bush mouthpiece has been scientifically designed to produce an accurate qualitative trumpet tone. Every model was extensively tested for intonation, ease of response, flexibility and individual lip comfort. All mouthpieces are measured for exactness using state of the art equipment. Years of research and testing have resulted in brass mouthpieces of superb excellence.

The cup diameter is offered in several sizes, and the cup depths range from very deep to shallow. Corresponding cup diameters are identical and can be interchanged with different cup depths. Interchanging cup depths has proved advantageous for players who perform more than one type of music; also for players who perform on C, D, Eb, E, G and piccolo trumpets.

The S cup mouthpieces are designed to produce a big symphonic tone. The number 1 and number 2 cups are designed to produce a big tone with more brilliance. The 3D cup is designed as an all-purpose mouthpiece. The shallower cups ( 3) are noted for their brilliant tone quality without sacrificing the low register. There is a Bush Mouthpiece designed for every playing situation.


Lettering and numbering system for Bush mouthpieces

M – Medium wide cup
W – Wide cup
WX – Very wide cup
WX-A, B, C – Bowl-shaped cup, symphonic cup
WXT – V-shape cup
P – Piccolo trumpet
F – Flugelhorn cup
S – Very deep cup
1 – Deep cup
2 – Medium deep cup
3D – Medium cup
3 – Shallow cup
4 – Very shallow cup

Model Number Throat Size Cup Depth Cup Diameter
WX-S #27 Very deep 43/64″
WX-S/C* #25 Very deep 43/64″
WX-1 #27 Deep 43/64″
WX-2 #27 Medium deep 43/64″
WX-3D #27 Medium 43/64″
WX-A #27 Very deep 43/64″
WX-B #27 Deep 43/64″
WX-C #27 Medium deep 43/64″
W-S #27 Very deep 42/64″
W-S/C* #25 Very deep 42/64″
W-1 #27 Deep 42/64″
W-2 #27 Medium deep 42/64″
W-3D #27 Medium 42/64″
W-3 #27 Shallow 42/64″
W-4 #27 Very Shallow 42/64″
M-2 #27 Medium deep 41/64″
M-3D #27 Medium 41/64″
M-3 #27 Shallow 41/64″
M-4 #27 Very shallow 41/64″

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WXD Custom, WX-1, W2-S custom, WSC, WX2Custom, WS