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CONN 22B SN/ 404873 (CIRCA 1952)


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CONN 22B SN/ 404873 (CIRCA 1952)

The 22B New York Symphony “late model” evolved from the “early model” in the early to mid 1930’s and was produced through 1954. The leadpipe pinky ring was added around 1928, and a main tuning slide brace around 1936. Instruments from approximaely 1930 had bottom spring valves. The adjustable rod at the main tuning slide was dropped after 1946. It has a #1 bore (0.438″).


IT’S BEEN TOLD THAT Bud Herseth joined the Chicago Symphony in 1948, he was playing a 22B.

Don’t confuse the venerable 22B New York Symphony/Victor with the recent 22B Director. Entirely different class of instrument.

What Conn said : its great penetrating power without trace of blatancy, its pianissimo without loss of genuine trumpet color, its fortissimo without cracking and its easy response. New CLICKLESS valves and restyled in the modern manner. Small bore, built in Bb and A, springs are in bottom of the valves.  One of the most famous trumpets of all time  the 22B in medium small bore. The 22B has a remarkable “singing” tone, brilliant and cutting but always sweet and full. Both in Bb and A.

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