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King Master


SN# 317270 Circa 1952

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This horn is a very fine player that looks like it has been recently overhauled.  It is in like new condition.  The Master model cornet is also known as the ‘under slung’ cornet because of it’s unusual entry point into the valves. In 1918 the company was incorporated and ‘Co’ was added to the engraving of all instruments, before 1918 the engraving read simply as ‘H. N. White.’ The list of H. N. White cornet players is impressive including: Red Allen, Herbert Clark, ‘Wild’ Bill Davison, Dr. Frank Simon, and the great Del Staigers. The H. N. White Company made the following brands: King, American Standard, Cleveland, and Gladiator (which was produced from 1940-1953) cornets. In 1926-1928 H. N. White introduced Sterling Silver bells to his cornets, which produces better tone, being clearer, richer, with a more pleasing quality. Not to mention some of the best looking bells ever produced in the music industry. Even today H. N. White ‘King’ cornets are still played in bands all over the country. The H. N. White Company made all of its own cornets and did not stencil any for other companies (that I know of).

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