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STC-1 B2S3 Monette Trumpet Mouthpiece


Monette Trumpet Mouthpiece 24k Gold STC-1 B2S3


STC-1: standard-weight (for all-around playing)
Rim Size Comparison: Conventional 1-1/4C, Schilke 17, and other similar rim sizes. The B2 size range is extremely popular, especially with players who like to play with a rich, full sound.
B2 S3 – standard-depth *extremely popular choice. Classic mouthpieces can feel more forgiving for players who tend to play with a tighter physical approach, or who are accustomed to a non-Monette mouthpiece. Mouthpieces with standard-depth or deeper cups are usually made in the standard-weight Resonance body. Classic mouthpieces have a shiny, buffed 24k gold finish.

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