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Inderbinen Alpha 100 S/n 31786 Raw Brass


The beautiful mix of tonal colors and exceptional response of Inderbinen trumpets. It’s been said playing the trumpet Alpha softly the sound has a unique quality best described as silky. Moreover there is almost no limit in volume. The instrument remains very stable and robust. Easily you can create your own sound on the Alpha. The model No. 100 is very suitable as solo- instruments but also played in ensembles often.  What turned me on to these fine instruments is Roy Hargrove’s playing on his recording Approaching Standards.  Check it out and you’ll want to buy two of these horns LoL.  Comes with an Extra Bach #25 Lead-Pipe  No Case/ Mpc

Model Alpha 100


raw brass – hand hammered – tuning bell

Key: Bb

Bore: 0.468

Bell: 5.13”

Weight: 2.42Lbs

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