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Calicchio 3/9 Copper Solo ML S/n 5886


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A very rare and hard to find Calicchio 3/9 Copper Solo ML S/n 5886.  This horn is a Player and a great sounding trumpet as well.  You would expect this horn to be overly dark sounding.  Not the case here,  It has a beautiful sparkle with a full core.  I can’t wait to get a Video recording of this beauty!   It is a thing of beauty!

From the Calicchio site 3/9 Copper Solo
The Copper Solo elevates copper trumpets to a new standard of excellence. More rounded bends in the bell and the unbraced reverse tuning slide enhance the harmonics resulting in a more conical sound. All of the slide sections feature positive air flow to ensure a smooth, open blowing horn. Thick copper combined with minimal bracing provides a rich sound that lets the instrument sing for you, while maintaining the classic Calicchio sparkle. Although it was designed with the 3 bell and the 9 pipe, other combinations are available upon request. A true original!
Calicchio was selling these new for $4195.00 (Raw)

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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