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Bach Stradivarius 72* S/n 65507


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Bach Stradivarius 72* S/n 65507 Circa 1985.  Bachs 72 lightweight bell and 25 lead pipe.

The Bach 180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional trumpets in the world. The 180S72 features a #72 “Corporation” one-piece hand-hammered professional bell that produces a warm sound with a more open feel with a warm broad response. The #25 leadpipe allows for slight resistance that is effective in centering tone production. The silver-plate finish provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound. These features combined with a .459″ medium-large bore allow the player to produce a well-rounded sound well suited for all types of music.


Rumor has it that this horn was passed down from Pete Condoli to Howie Shear.  Howie used it playing lead on Woody Herman’s band in the early 80’s.  It’s been played hard and put away wet.  Could use a chem clean and polish.  Still has good compression and plays very well considering it’s appearance.  This horn is from the Estate of Howie Shear (1953-2023) Rip Howie..  There are few dents and a couple of wear patches.  Comes with original case. No Mpc.

Final Note: Howie Shear