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Bach TR300 S/n B738310 Great Student Horn!



STUDENT – Bach TR300 S/n B738310  – Pre-owned, Sold “As Is”

Includes Case and Bach 7c Mouthpiece

This is not your typical “used” instrument. The trumpet has been serviced and tested by The HornTrader  and is in ready to play condition.

Service Details:

Cleaned: Degreased, Chem Cleaned, Swabbed


This is a pre-owned trumpet there are dents, dings, scratches and wear in general from prior use. The condition of this trumpet is very good to excellent, probably hardly used in it’s last life, then sat for years unused as there is minimal lacquer wear and bang ups on it just some of the “usual” pings and dings you’d expect but taken care of. Still processed through my shop so it’s all cleaned and with nice action in valves/pistons and smooth tuning slide movement again. It’s all about condition and quality of the instrument when you’re purchasing pre-owned. Don’t let this excellent value get away for a beginner trumpet. This Bach TR-300 Trumpet is one of the few spared the abuse of beginning band and ready for a loving trumpet home.

Excellent trumpet for beginning band students, adult beginners, high school or college marching band back up trumpet so you don’t damage your concert hall trumpet during a marching band or pep game.  I know guys at Disneyland who will put a Bach 25 Pipe on these and use them for a “Stunt Horn”

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