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Calicchio U3 Sn/ 5098 Gold Plate ‘ULTRA’ ML .460


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Beautiful playing Calicchio.  Big #3 Bell and most likely #9 pipe.  The tone is to die for..    

Manufactured circa 1989-90.  Heavy Receiver, Heavy Bracing, Only one brace on Tuning slide.

The 3 bell is of yellow brass @ .025 Guage. 5′ flair.  The 9 pipe is nice with a open blow.  Venturi on the lead-Pipe is .349.    Gold Plate is 99% intact All slide and valves are fast and smooth. The Bore is the ML .460

Calicchio made numbers 1000 to 1300 in New York from 1927 to 1947. Then after moving to California in 1947, he made serial numbers ~1301 through ~2800 when he died in 1979. The end of his era may have been #2600 or #2700, sources vary and not every serial number was used along the way. 

At any rate, Calicchio’s family, continued the business. Some of the horns were made by Joe Lintz through at least #4800 until the mid 90s. Chris (Domenick’s grandson) took over and made horns with numbers through the very high 6000’s, with John Duda (who knows the art of making the 1S bells) having some involvement at times. Duda bought the company and took over around the year 2000, and after some down time began making the horns in Tulsa after that.

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