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Benge Claude Gordon (CG) Sn/ 16541


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 Claude Gordon Benge SN# 16541  Manufactured circa 1975. This horn features a light weight bell with a .464 choke at the bell stub. The bore size through the valve section is .468.  Weighing in at just 2 Lbs. This horn was the QUINTESSENTIAL horn for commercial and lead trumpet players in the 70′. At this same time, Claude was working with Benge to develop his own signature model. Basically, the CG Benge was a Benge 6X Large Bore with the following modifications: bell tube, where it attaches to the stud off the first valve casing (this is often referred to as a ‘choke’) Leadpipe that was an exact copy of Claude’s pre-WW2 French Besson Meha on which he did all his studio playing Bell buffed down to be extremely thin so as to give the horn’s sound a good ‘sizzle’ (many of the players back then were having this done to their horns on a custom basis). Later when Zig Kanstul took over as manager for Benge he noticed that workers were spending many hours custom buffing down the metal on the CG Benge bells (over-buffing and losing a lot of them), so he made the intelligent decision to make the CG bells from a thinner gauge of brass–more consistent, quicker and cheaper. Thus, the Benge Claude Gordon model. This horn is cosmetically excellent! It has a nice thin bell, and is stamped CG at the bell ferule. Also stamped CG on the 2nd valve above the 2nd slide.  This is probably one of the originals before ZIG used smaller guage brass.  It has been cleaned/serviced by Mike Del Quadro in Las Vegas, and is ready to go. All slides/valves work great.  Valve Compression is about a 7 out of 10.  Some very slight wear in some places to the silver. The horn was originally made with a 1st valve trigger which has been expertly removed with minimal signs where it was once mounted.  Excellent Player!! This Horn is of  very early Zig Kanstul Vintage. OPEN-BLOW and free soaring HUGE sound. However, because of it’s unique design, it can also capture a very sensitive soft and lower register that focuses beautifully with a warm, centered sound. All this, without “falling into it”…..research CG Benges and you’ll know what I mean. You know THIS is a GREAT one!!  Great for both Lead playing and softer more subtle symphonic playing. An amazingly versatile Horn!  Comes with the original Benge case. No Mpc.

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