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Besson Brevete S/n 92240 Pre-War


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YES another Very special Pre-War French Besson Brevete    S/n 92240

ML bore .460 No dents dings or trauma. Lacquer finish is about 95%. This is a player! Great Valves and slides. Great compression! It’s amazing that this horn has survived all these years. The Besson trumpets of the early 20th century were the first truly modern trumpets. The innovations in leadpipe design, bell shape, and wrap (the overall shape of the tubing and instrument) resulted in a far superior instrument to the trumpets of the day. Bach trumpets were inspired (or copied) from early Besson trumpets, and most modern trumpets closely follow the same pattern. Most modern trumpets are in fact close copies or clones of early 20th century Besson instruments. The Besson Brevete was a very popular choice for generations of Jazz trumpeters, and was played at various times by artists like Miles Davis, Rafael Mendez (the Olds Mendez was basically a copy of his old Brevete), Lee Morgan, and Fats Navarro. The Besson Meha was also a very popular choice, being a brighter horn more suitable for lead and big band playing, played by the famous Conrad Gozzo and others. These original French Besson trumpets are now collectors items, and command high prices. Unfortunately they were out of production Serial Number 92652 circa 1934-47 There were apparently three different models: ‘Brevete’ Meha Meha without the Brevete designation Brevete without the Meha designation The original French Mehas are classified in two eras – prewar and postwar. The prewar Mehas (approximately serial number 90,000 and prior) are considered more collectible, although both prewar and postwar are eagerly sought after from a playing perspective. Serial Numbers Dating a French Besson Meha can be a real crapshoot, given the poor record keeping that occurred during and after World War II. This is especially true of the later years, as there are reports of serial numbers up to 141,000, yet the only reference point we have is #92,000 in 1947 (and who knows how accurate that data point is?): .460 Bore

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