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“Charon” Couesnon Monopole Flugel W/ Reeves


Reeves PVA Melk Pipe

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Couesnon Monopole Flugel
The beauty of this flugel is that it is:1 piece larger bell,   Larger choke than the common Couesnon import
Factory Trigger
Factory Silver plate
Bob Reeves alignment.

These “Charon” Couesnon Monopole Flugelhorns are extremely rare.

This “Charon” Made by Couesnon is  a stencil, meaning Couesnon made it and then put another name stenciled on it.  The story in the early 1980’s there was a band store Calle CMI in Anaheim. Dan Browne owned the store and imported these horns from France.  He used the maiden name of his wife “Charon” as the stencil.  I think having a horn with a different name gave the intended importer a price break in the duty fees.

These Couesnon Monopole Flugelhorns were made for their conservatories and not many of them made it over to the US.  I have maybe had 2 or 3 of these “Charon” horns in the 25 years I’ve been on line selling horns.  I’m going to guess not more than 50 of the Charons made it over to the states.

This horns  play Extremely well.  It has had a  recent Bob Reeves PVA  (Valve alignment) performed.

I’ve owned dozens of the standard Couesnon import models.  Including Charon,

Elkhart, Star, and Triebert Moderne.  None of them play as well as the Monopole’s (IMHO)

More Pictures upon request.

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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