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Curry 1C Cornet GOLD PLATE (NEW)


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Curry 1C Cornet GOLD PLATE (NEW)

These were made for a customer who never came back to purchase them. …..

C Cup: The Curry C cup is patterned after the Mount Vernon C cups. Each diameter in the line has it’s own unique shape. Great for all-around work.
cup diameter .680
17.2 mm


Trumpet Standard Bore .1455″ (3.7mm) This may be classified as a “loose #27 drill.” It allows a #27 reamer to pass easily through the throat after plating.

#X10 standard

Years of research has proved that that backbore volume, along with rates of taper and shape determine the overall blowing characteristics of a mouthpiece. Curry has designed the most balanced combinations for the great majority of players.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in