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GR 62*R*FL Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Gold Plate


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 the GR 62*R*FL Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Gold Plate sell new for $275  buy this one for over $100 less!

GR Flugelhorn FL Mouthpieces are available with any GR Standard rim and cup diameter.

GR FL Model Flugelhorn Mouthpieces are ideal for most flugelhorn models. They offer a fat velvety tone, outstanding intonation, and an amazingly efficient upper register.

GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Backbores are balanced with each cup volume to produce a characteristic flugel sound with precise intonation.

GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Cups are designed to produce a full velvet like sound that can easily be colored. These mouthpieces feature outstanding intonation, common to all GR Mouthpieces, and a very easy upper register.

Standard Flugel 0.099 0.62 15.75 39.7/64 0.631 Medium Medium Medium

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in


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