Since 1998

GR Mouthpiece


GR Mouthpieces are technologically unmatched in today’s brass mouthpiece industry.
The GR No-Discontinuity” design allows for a perfect blend of rim to cup, to throat, to backbore for optimum performance. No-Discontinuities means the sound wave will not be disrupted in any way. This advantage is unique to GR Mouthpieces!
Crisp articulations, a rich vibrant centered sound, outstanding intonation, easier upper register, and a fatter lower register are just some of the benefits of this design. GR Mouthpieces are quickly becoming the new “Standard in Sound” in today’s major symphony orchestras. GR’s are also heard on more and more major recordings, film soundtracks, and in major concert venues the world over. Try a GR Mouthpiece today to feel and hear the difference for yourself.
With hundreds of standard models, and thousands of custom designs, GR has a mouthpiece to match you, your horn, and your musical needs.