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HT3-JAZZ Mouthpiece Get That Chet Baker Sound! With 24k GOLD rim


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The same mouthpiece you love with a 24karat plated rim



The HornTrader Custom Signature Cool Jazz Mouthpiece for Trumpet. The HT3-JAZZ . Designed for the jazz soloist but sounds great for as well for classical soloist . A very good rotary trumpet mouthpiece too! The rim was copied from a Mt Vernon 3 that belonged to Arturo Sandoval. A deep 3 Flugel hybrid cup ( With Special Tweaks ) Back bore and hole. All on a standard trumpet shank. Great for small intimate club work or offstage solos. It feels like kissing a pillow and sounds like melted Butter!

HornTrader Custom Signature Mouthpiece  The HT3-JAZZ

Here are quotes from a customer about the HT3-JAZZ mouth piece:


I absolutely love the HTJAZZ , that’s almost cheating with 80J, it a magical combination.

Mouthpiece arrived Saturday.  When I first opened it I thought you made a mistake and send me a FRENCH HORN MOUTHPIECE.   Then I played it.

WOW.      For sure I will use on those gigs when the owners complain about the volume when they see me take the trumpet out of my case and  ‘before’ I play one note.   This thing is smoky cool / dark.  And I don’t believe even if you tried you can me this thing get too LOUD or bright.   Even above the staff the notes remain focused / cool / and dark sounding.   Yeah man…..    very cool.


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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in