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HT3CS-29 Commercial Trumpet Mouthpiece


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HornTrader Custom Signature Mouthpiece The HT3CS-29

THIS Mouthpiece Gave Me a Double C!!!!!

I play on is the new HornTrader custom signature mouthpiece by Mark Curry. The HT 3CS-29. I am selling these pieces for $110 ( SH&I) Basically it is a high compression shallow 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece It is a slightly shallower Mt Vernon 3C copy with his #1 Back-bore and a 29 hole. My HT 3CS 29 is a rim that was copied from a Mt Vernon 3C that belonged to Arturo Sandoval Then the Cup was made a tad shallower (.017) but also a bit more room on the sides near the bottom of the cup The bite is soft like a worn Mt V 3C The contour is more straight to the shallower cup The drill is a 29 The Back bore has a 29 hole but is a straight taper #1 reamer. Medium tight with brilliance. About .017 shallower than a Mt Vernon 3C cup We’ve opened up the 2nd cup which should make it a little more free-blowing. And have added a slightly sharper shoulder going into the throat, making it a little more angular instead of a smooth radius. The X-29 Backbore has a 29 hole but is a straight taper #1 reamer. Medium tight with brilliance. Length 3.5′ Weight 3.2 oz. Backbore exit diameter .333′ Outside shank diameter .383′ (gives a gap similar to a Reeves #5 sleeve) Can cut new ones for sleeves (add $25) Extra Sleeves are $25 ID .666′ at 30 thou from the top of mouthpiece Bite radius .069′ OD 1.07′ Undercut angle 15.5 degrees main cup shortened by 17 thou, 2nd cup slightly wider, more angular. 70 thou/inch reamer, tight 29 throat.

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