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Kanstul 1525 Flugel Horn S/n 41509 (All Copper Bell)


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Kanstul 1525 Flugel Horn S/n 41509

Kanstul 1525 Flugel Horn S/n 24380The Model 1525 Signature Series Flügelhorn is the flagship of the Kanstul line, and is considered “the one” by many players, including artists for whom a distinctive sound is paramount. Professionals who play them for studio sessions find that they are not only outstanding solo instruments, they blend very well with others.

The .421″ bore provides the traditional sound and playability of a smaller bore flügel and has impeccable intonation. Although a 3rd slide trigger is standard; most players find a little need to use it. The “straight through” valve block gives the 1525 a very easy and open blow with minimal resistance. A one-piece hand-hammered 6 1/2″ diameter copper bell comes standard yet there is nothing standard about it! This bell responds quickly and helps the player produce a very warm, rich and full-bodied tone while still exhibiting great projection, and no sacrifice of playability in the higher register.

The Model 1525 is an unequaled performer for jazz and all-around use. A Zigmant Kanstul Signature horn!

Marcus Belgrave, Greg Adams, Arturo Sandoval, Doc Severinsen, Steve Jankowski, Matt Finley, Bennie Cowan, Andrew Garcia (of the NY Staff Band), Liberty University and the James Madison University Brass Band all rely on the fabulous Model 1525!

Hear the Model 1525 Flügelhorn in action herehere and here.

MSRP $4,350 in lacquer finish


Key: Bb
Bore: .421″
Bell: 6 1/2″ Diameter Copper
Mouthpipe: Bach Taper – Nickel
Valves: Monel
Valve Guides: Metal
Slides: Nickel Silver
Water Keys: Three Amado Water Keys
Intonation: 3rd Slide Trigger
Finish: Clear Lacquer

  • Hand Hammered, One Piece Copper 6 1/2′ Bell
  • Hand Lapped Pistons
  • Top Sprung Pistons
  • Receiver Accepts Bach Taper Shank Mouthpiece

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Weight 12.000000 lbs
Dimensions 12.000000 × 12.000000 × 24.000000 in


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