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PRANA B6FLR6 Monette Flugelhorn Mouthpiece


Monette flugelhorn mouthpiece 24k gold PRANA B6FLR6


Medium-small rim size
Popular with players accustomed to smaller sizes, including students.
Great intonation, beautifully resonant sound, consistent timbre and response, wide dynamic spectrum, ease of playing through the full range of the instrument
Flugelhorn mouthpieces are designed to play with a dark, rich flugelhorn sound and have deep, V-shaped cups
Most players will choose the same rim that they use on trumpet to make for an easy, comfortable transition between instruments.
Players who normally use small-diameter lead mouthpieces may want a larger rim size for flugelhorn.

Rim size comparisons-
Bach 3, 5, and 7 rims
Schilke 14 and 15 rims
Reeves 42 rim
Warburton size 4
Bobby Shew ‘Jazz’

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