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Schilke B1 S/n 35639


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Schilke B1 S/n 35639.  This is a consignment horn the horn really plays well but you can see where there is slight wear here and there in the silver plate. The bell / leadpipe and valves are in fine shape.  It is an excellent player   The pictures tell the rest of the story.  Try it you’ll be surprised on how well it plays.  Don’t forget the HornTrader has an excellent 1 week trial / return policy.

The B1 was the preferred Bb trumpet of the legendary Renold O. Schilke and is the basis in design for the other B & X Series instruments. Distinguished by its free and open feel, this trumpet is among the most popular Schilke models, allowing the player the diversity in sound color from a rich, full



One-piece Yellow Brass Bell

Unsoldered Bead

#1 Large Bell Taper

.460″ ML Step Bore

Reverse Leadpipe

Round Main Tuning Slide

Lightweight Design

1st slide saddle & 3rd slide ring


The Schilke Custom Series Bb Trumpets (also known as the B & X Series) were designed by Renold O. Schilke and date back his founding of our company. These models feature a lightweight design with minimal bracing, round main tuning slide and reverse leadpipe. Custom Series trumpets are lauded for a natural brilliance, or “shimmer,” to their sound, an ease of playing, consistent “feel” from top to bottom of the horn and superior intonation.

The Custom Series is often viewed as a spectrum of models. With a choice of bell taper and bore size, every musician can find the right “feel” for them. Designed with versatility in mind, these models are great for classical, chamber, solo, jazz or commercial music. Custom Series BbTrumpets have been played by the world’s great musicians for 60+ years.

Custom Series Bb Trumpets are covered by the Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in