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Yamaha YTR 751 D Trpt SN/ 70137


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Yamaha YTR-751 D Trumpet ~ .445 Bore ~ First Generation Yamaha D

This is the YTR-751 D Trumpet. Produced from 1972, it is a great choice for any player looking to expand his base of playability. This is especially so for orchestral trumpet players who often have to transpose into various keys.  This horn is silver plated and features a .445 bore, a 4 3/4 inch yellow brass bell, and monel slotted piston valves.

Years Built.    Bore                 BELL                      Lead-Pipe

M – 11.30mm (0.445″)
120mm (4-1/2″)
Yellow Brass (2 Piece)
Lightweight, 870g
Silver Plate
Fixed Saddle
Fixed Ring

This  particular horn has been used but is still in great playing shape. The intonation on this is good compared to something like the Schilke E2D and Bach long bell. This horn features a .445 bore which is great for chamber playing yet because of its short design it can still project pretty well in larger ensembles.  This would be a perfect first time Eb Trumpet purchase because it wont break the bank yet it will still serve you well or many years! This horn does NOT come with a case or mouthpiece.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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