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Schilke C1L S/n 12114


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A fine player, typical wear at contact points.  Most likely madly Ren Schilke himself.  Comes with the original case.

Custom Series Trumpets

Lightweight “Step-Bore” designs from Renold O. Schilke

The Schilke Custom Series C Trumpets (also known as the C Series) were designed by Renold O. Schilke and date back to his founding of our company. These models feature a lightweight design with minimal bracing, round main tuning slide and reverse leadpipe. Unique to the C (and B Series Bb) the Custom Series C Trumpets are designed with a multi-bore concept to create a balanced feel with each model. They are known for a natural brilliance, or “shimmer,” to the sound, an ease of playing, consistent “feel” from top to bottom and superior intonation.

Bore Size: .460″ ML
Tuning Slide Bore: .468”
Bell Taper: #1
Bell Material: Tunable Yellow Brass


Bell Material

All Custom Series C Trumpets come standard with a yellow brass bell. Yellow brass bells are more consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics.

Tuning Bells

Detachable tuning bells are available by special order on any Custom Series C Trumpet. The advantage of the tuning bell feature is that the tuning slide can be left all the way in or moved only a little, thereby keeping the bore relatively free of gaps that may cause a disturbance in the nodal pattern of the sound wave. Another advantage is that different bells of varying tapers, materials and finishes may be used to change characteristics of the instrument.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in