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Schilke C3HD C Lacquer S/n 61270


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Schilke C3HD C Lacquer S/n 61270

Usually a 6 month delivery time.  Get this one today!

Beautiful Schilke C3HD C  Gently played by a gentleman who has aged out.  This is my favorite “C” trumpet made by Schilke.  The Lacquer is 100% and there are no dents/dings/ or trauma.  Comes with the original Schilke Case.


Schilke C3HD C Like New! Bore: L -.463′ (11.75 mm) Bell: M 4 7/8′ (123.00 mm) Hand Hammered Yellow Brass with #3 taper Merging design concepts with our standard model C3 and the new S22CHD, we are proud to introduce the NEW C3HD trumpet. This new model offers the same quick response of a traditional Schilke with a thicker overall sound ideal for the symphonic and operatic repertoire. This lighter version provides a compact experience with slightly more resistance compared to the S22CHD with a full spectrum of overtones and the flexibility to color the sound at all dynamic levels from pianissimo to fortissimo. Ideal for all applications, this gives players greater flexibility to control timbre. Features include a .463 large bore and one-piece ‘seamed’ yellow brass bell. Available in silver plate, lacquer Order yours now ………… It takes about 6 months from time of your order unless I have in stock at the moment ( call ahead ) The new HD series of trumpets were developed to offer a darker core of sound with superior articulation clarity. Completely new design elements include a square shaped tuning slide bow and a re-designed mouthpipe taper and receiver. In addition to these features, the construction and design of the HD bell creates a solid, secure feel with incredible tonal depth. These new models are recommended for classical as well as jazz/commercial players alike. HD stands for Heavy Design. These models offer a new professional choice within the Schilke line. The HD models use a heavier receiver and leadpipe, thicker tubing, with a heavy guage ‘seamed’ yellow brass bell. The additional mass offers a very thick powerful sound that is focused with wonderful projection.  Check out the YouTube Unveiling of the S22CHD ~ ~ I’ll have a video of the Schilke C3HD C soon…….

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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