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Schilke Model XA1 and XA7 Bb Cornets


Schilke Model XA1 and XA7 Bb Cornets…

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Model XA1 and XA7 Bb Cornet English Short Model with Shepherds Crook Bore: ML -.460′ (11.68 mm) Bell: L 5.00′ (127.00 mm) Copper Bell with #1 taper In the tradition of the British Brass Band, the XA1 has a vintage cornet design with a tighter wrap that permits the player a dark, rich and round sound. The XA1 provides a wonderful response at lower dynamic levels with a smooth even quality in color and intonation in all registers. Additionally, the player will find articulation clarity from high to low and good projection at the highest volume. The XA7 offers the same bell as the XA1 but built with a medium bore. This allows the instrument to blow with slightly more resistance than the XA1. Here’s a youTube of The Schilke XA1 Cornet below 

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