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Soft Tone Mute


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These mutes are very cool! Soft neoprene wet-suit material with interchangeable foam sound suppressant inside. It is very light weight. I keep one in my case all the time. It can fit over your horn in a gig bag and offer even more protection. You can stuff it in your case or pocket and it won’t dent! It could be used as a practice mute or even in very soft recording or jazz performance situations. It sounds like a blend between a bucket and a tight cup.

I use it quite a lot, not only for practice and warming up but also for
performance.  It’s got a very warm muffled sound and you can “dial it In”
using different numbers of foam tone rings supplied inside the mute.

It’ a GREAT mute!!!!

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Weight 1.000000 lbs
Dimensions 2.000000 × 2.000000 × 6.000000 in


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