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Sonare 801 S/n H38711


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Sonare 801 S/n H38711

high-performance trumpet with a rich, warm, focused and balanced tone. Think Bach 37 on steroids.

This horn is a superb player. The finish is very good with a slight acid bleed from the bell bead at the 5 o’clock position. ( you don’t ee it when playing the horn)

In TRB-801 series, Sonar has partnered with world famous leadpipe designer, Cliff Blackburn, to bring you a trumpet with color, flexibility, and projection. These horns are fitted with Sonar’s MicroLok valve system for perfect valve alignment. Other features include a .459″ bore, and a 4.78″ hand-hammered bell designed for optimum projection. The TRB-801 models also receive the Sonar cryogenic treatment that enhances the response of the instrument, especially in the upper register and offers enhanced tonal colors to the trumpet. The results of these features are free-blowing instruments, appropriate for both classical and jazz, with impeccable intonation and response.  lacquer (TRB-801)  Comes complete with a case. No MPC

  • Materials:
  • Leadpipe: brass
  • Pistons: Monel
  • Springs: bronze
  • Finish: raw (TRB-801V), lacquer (TRB-801), silver plate (TRB-801S), and silver plate with gold trim (TRB-801G)
  • Design features:
  • Leadpipe; Blackburn
  • Bell: hand hammered
  • Bell diameter: 4.782″, 12.15cm)
  • Bore size: .459″, (1.17cm)
  • Mouthpiece: 3C
  • Valves: MicroLok
  • Cryogenic treatment: yes
  • Case: traditional
  • Country of origin:
  • Leadpipe: USA
  • Trumpet: USA


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