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Yamaha YTR-738 S/n 1388 Large bore .463


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The YTR-738 is unique, and so much fun to really fill up a room with it’s sound even at soft dynamics, or just bury everyone on a shout chorus. The 5 inch bell has a flare that eats mutes, but can give off such a dark smokey vibe.

Top that off with the Bronze single radius, no brace tuning slide.  It gets a BEAUTIFUL sound! Much like Til Broner.

The YTR-738 was patterned off of the Schilke X3 and  was discontinued in 1976.  It is a large bore (.463) with a 5″ yellow brass 2 piece bell.  It is slightly lighter than most of the Yamaha line weighing in at 980g.  1st slide thumbs saddle and a fixed 3rd slide ring.  It comes with the original case and extra M/K tuning slide.  No Mouthpiece

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in