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ZeuS Olympus ZTR 1000 RL S/n 32597 – Polished Lacquered Copper “DEMO”


ZeuS Olympus ZTR 1000 RL S/n 32597 – Specifications:
Entirely hand crafted in the USA by one of the world’s best trumpet maker (KANSTUL)

wow! What a horn!  Almost perfect, just a couple of little wiggles in the bell flair.  No dents, pings, or trauma.

One of my favorite horns to play in the shop.  Comes with the original Case and Mouthpiece.

One piece handmade bell, 5 1/2″ diameter,
.470″ large bore,
Reverse leadpipe design,
Minimally braced construction,
“Valves Forward” design for a uniquely perfect balance,
One Amado waterkey, no 3rd waterkey for superb intonation,
Heavy bottom caps standard,
All metal finger buttons (no pearls)
Monel hand-fitted valves,
“LightFast” valve action, (the lightest and fastest valves you will ever experience)
Nylon valve guides for the quietest valve action,
New valve section with amazing featherlight ultrafast action,
Perfectly balanced design for the hard-core player,
ZeuS custom-designed trumpet case with zipper and shoulder strap,
3rd slide rubber cord, for simple yet effective trigger action
Aegis F2 mouthpiece included

Favorite all-around mouthpiece
This will give you a big, fat, warm and thick sound

This mouthpiece was specifically designed to perfectly match ZeuS Guarnerius and Olympus trumpets.
Much research has gone into this and we now have a true winner.
The equation is now complete. The Aegis mouthpiece will make a great trumpet even better.
It will also make an improvement on any other trumpet and may even make your different brand trumpet sound half descent.
So if you can’t afford a ZeuS trumpet or you’re just too stupid to get one, then just get the Aegis F2 and you will be half way there.
Sean Jones bought an Aegis F2, even though he is a “Yamaha Artist”. The Aegis F2 is a highly efficient mouthpiece which will give you a huge sound. The goof next to you playing a wimpy Bach will have no chance and will quite the band in shame.
Pair this Aegis mouthpiece up with a ZeuS trumpet and your sound will make you loose all your friends from envy.


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