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Bach Stradivarius Mdl 194 SN/ 0318


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A Blast from the past from May 1986 (38 years Ago) This like new Time Capsule Bach Stradivarius Mdl 194 SN/ 0318.  25LR pipe 37 Bell with gold trim & gold wash bell.
From the card issued with this trumpet:
‘During 1986, we proudly commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the merger of Selmer and Vincent Bach Corp. To this end, we have commissioned our craftsmen to produce a limited edition series of Anniversary Trumpets.”On behalf of Selmer and Bach, I hereby certify that Model No. 194 Serial No. 0318 which you now possess is indeed one of these very special instruments.”March 26, 1986″H.W. Peterson, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Selmer Co. –  Vincent Bach’
According to Lloyd Fillio (past GM of Conn Selmer/Bach) these Anniversary models were such a big hit in 1986 that piqued interest for a ‘Plain Jane’ version at a more modest price point. This was the beginning of the LR180 series trumpets featuring a standard wall reversed 25 mouthpipe, LT main tuning crook, LT slides and valve slide crooks and standard weight bell. The combination of reverse mouthpipe and mixed weights made for a very smooth, quick responding trumpet with greater body to the sound than the LT180 models.
This horn comes with the original Case, an adjustable cup mute, and two Bach 7c mouthpieces.
Also a  High ‘G’ has beenpre-installed
Check out this video from the only other Mdl 194 I’ve ever had in the shop.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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