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Conn 22B New York Symphony ‘Late Model’ SN/ 14996


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Over the years the 22B evolved from the 22B New York Symphony ‘early model’ into the 22B Victor (both listed separately). The 22B New York Symphony ‘late model’ evolved from the ‘early model’ in the early to mid 1930’s and was produced through 1954. The leadpipe pinky ring was added around 1928, and a main tuning slide brace around 1936. Instruments from approximaely 1930 had bottom spring valves. The adjustable rod at the main tuning slide was dropped after 1946. It has a #1 bore (0.438′).

I have come into possession of a 1941 22B New York Symphony, which on paper should be identical to my 1948 22B (pictured here) except for the main tuning slide rod that the 1941 model still has but the 1948 does not. However, the bell on the 1941 22B appears to be heavier than on the 1948. This affects the sound to a degree, although it is a bit difficult to make an accurate judgement on that since my 1948 22B appears to have had some damage to the bell in the past (expertly repaired). One theory for this difference in bell weight is that just after the war there was a shortage of material, including brass. To compensate Conn may have spun the bells just a bit thinner. This would also be a plausible reason why they dropped the main tuning slide rod after 1946.

Still a fine player but in moderate shape.

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