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Rudy Muck Sn/1003 Time Capsule!


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Rudy Muck Bach Stradivarius Copy.   A beatiful full warm tone with a ML (.459) Bore.  Raw Brass and in exquisite condition. These are by far the most sought after by collectors and have serial numbers in the 1000 to 2000 range. Best guess is that these were the offering just after WWII and they are copies of the popular Bach Stradivarius. If you look at the serial number list page, the few horns that have purchase dates claim that these are late 1940s to mid 1950s. 

According to Rudy Muck Jr, his father knew Bach but never worked for him but it’s possible that some Bach parts were used. They would have been competitors but in that industry at the time they were friendly toward each other. The 126th Street shop was about 9 miles from the Bach factory in the Bronx. The owner of #14xx reports that some parts are interchangeable with a 1940s Bach yet the bell and lead pipe inlet are different. The valve casings also have a completely different design. Updated bell logo using a stamp – a much more economical solution than the hand engraving – most Bach style trumpets have this logo

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