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Couesnon Monopole Star Sn/ 40952 Lacquer “X”


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This is from a very old Couesnon brochure: ~World renowned as the original Conservatorie model, the hand crafted ‘Monopole’ instrument is the ultimate for the professional player. Meticulously constructed by Couesnon they reflect the skill and knowledge acquired through over a century and a half of custom construction of fine artist instruments~

These are quite rare……… with the one piece bell, factory trigger, and and the original silver. This horn is out of my own personal quiver and I can tell you that I just love the Couesnon Monopole Star.  The bore is larger than most of the Couesnon Flugels that were imported to the states, (.413) The Choke of these one piece bell monopoles are slightly larger as well. I have only run into 6 or 7 of these particular Couesnon Monopole Star models since I started my business in 1998. I tell you this because the Monopole Star Flugel horn model is very hard to find but well worth it. This particular horn is near perfect and comes with the original case.  Stamped with an “X”  on the 2nd valve it is a 1 piece bell, with a Factory 3rd Trigger. It has just received a Chem-Clean, and valve alignment from Bob Reeves. This is a great sounding horn with just the right mixture of core and fluff, and If you installed a Charlie Melk Lead-Pipe this horn would play like melted butter and sound like Chet Baker whispered in your ear.  Recent Bob Reeves Chem Clean and Alignment

More Pictures and a video in the works…………….. Stay Tuned