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Harrelson VPS Summit Midnight (Bell #8 Lead-pipe #2 Sept 1 2016)


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Extremely rare Harrelson VPS Summit MIDNIGHT Bb Trumpet in Harrelson “Midnight” transparent brushed black lacquer finish. Designed to be the ultimate Jazz Combo trumpet, the tone produced makes a Martin Committee Deluxe sound like a toy.  Built in 2016 and appears to have been played with gloves. This horn is near pristine condition.


The Summit Trumpet is the most efficient and versatile model available today. Incorporating the most technologically advanced design and manufacturing in the world, the Summit is over 100 years ahead of all mass manufactured brass instruments. Experience superior feedback, projection and efficiency with the ultimate horn suitable for Classical, Jazz, Solo and Ensemble settings.

The Summit Midnight Trumpet is the latest addition to the Summit line offering the largest bell taper ever produced on a Bb trumpet. The #8 bell taper is almost twice the size of a standard bell producing a sound so broad, dark and unique that your jaw will literally drop.

The standard configuration of the Midnight includes your choice of leadpipes 2  as this produce the best intonation with bell #8.

Every Harrelson Trumpet includes personal guidance on selecting the best configuration from Jason Harrelson. Designed around our high efficiency SWE Elliptical tuning slide, the Summit Midnight plays with a beautiful broad tone that rivals a full size cello. Imagine sounding bigger than a Summit Jazz (or much bigger than a vintage Martin Committee) with perfect intonation, flexibility and superior dynamic range.

Easily distinguishable in appearance and sound from any other trumpet, Summit Midnight is THE NEW VOICE in the Jazz Trumpet world.

Summit Midnight Features
• Configured to your playing preferences, guidance from Jason Harrelson
• Weight: Bb – 50 ounces
• Harrelson “Midnight” transparent brushed black lacquer finish
• Bell 8 – largest taper available
• Summit Midnight receiver
• Proprietary SWE Trim Kit
• SWE Tuning Slide
• SWE Machined Bell Crook
• SWE Leadpipe & Bracing
• Saturn Water Keys
• Harrelson “Midnight” transparent brushed black lacquer finish finger buttons
• 3rd Slide Screw Stop
• SWE Bell Crook Brace

Harrelson VPS Summit Midnight Bell #8 Lead-pipe #2.        Serial Number Sept 1 2016


#2 Leadpipe  feels like Bach 25O (very large, open)

#8 Midnight Bell special taper (no longer available)

Saturn water key invented by Denis Wedgwood. This system relies on a simple stainless steel ball to seal the hold offering extreme reliability and ease of use.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in