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Kanstul MEHA SN/ 7926


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Kanstul MEHA SN/ 7926 Large Bore .468    No Major dents slight acid bleed on bell rim bead. This horn plays better than ever! Comes with a single hard Case no Mpc.

Here’s a video of the same model from 2016.  You can hear they have a beautiful pure sound.

A very little bit of Besson history The Besson trumpets of the early 20th century were the first truly modern trumpets. The innovations in leadpipe design, bell shape, and wrap (the overall shape of the tubing and instrument) resulted in a far superior instrument to the trumpets of the day. Bach trumpets were inspired (or copied) from early Besson trumpets, and most modern trumpets closely follow the same pattern. Most modern trumpets are in fact close copies or clones of early 20th century Besson instruments. The Besson Brevete was a very popular choice for generations of Jazz trumpeters, and was played at various times by artists like Miles Davis, Rafael Mendez (the Olds Mendez was basically a copy of his old Brevete), Lee Morgan, and Fats Navarro. The Besson Meha was also a very popular choice, being a brighter horn more suitable for lead and big band playing, played by the famous Conrad Gozzo and others. These original French Besson trumpets are now collectors items, and command high prices. Unfortunately they were out of production for decades until…. The best source for historical and model info on Besson brass instruments is here Horn-u-copia Besson Page Enter Kanstul For some unknown reason the owners of the French Besson trademark decided to make a new line of trumpet in the early 1980s. Fortunately they choose top US maker Kanstul to design and produce the line, and Kanstul faithfully recreated the original horns, and many new models too. The Besson Meha and Brevete lived again (see… for loads of good information). These Kanstul made horns are beautifully made and play as well as the originals, without all the issues of 50+ year old instruments. See here for an article from The Music Trades magazine in 1983 (kindly supplied by Kanstul) Kanstul-Besson Trade Magazine Article From the early 1980s till about 1998 all French Besson trumpets were made by Kanstul, and some other Besson models also. Sometime around 1998 Kanstul lost or decided not to renew the contract to make some Besson instruments, and the 609 and related lines were terminated. Boosey and Hawkes became part of The Music Group and was then sold to Buffet Crampon, and Kanstulstill makes the Stamm and Classic models for Buffet Crampon. There are still French Besson Meha and Brevete trumpets available new, with some called the “New Generation” model. From what I have heard these are Kanstul made but are old stock, as for some unknown reason a lot of these were stockpiled in warehouses and not distributed at the time of production. Kanstul Made Besson and French Besson Trumpets The Kanstul made French Besson and Besson trumpets are universally excellent instruments. Model numbers include: Besson 609 Besson 709 Besson 809 Besson 909 French Besson International French Besson Meha French Besson Brevete French Besson Classic French Besson “Stamm”

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