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Marcinkiewicz Vermeer 3/3 Large Bore S/n 1632


This is an excellent playing horn with a beautiful tone. No dents, dings, or trauma.  Possibly a little swirling in the brass finish where the hands go.

With semi precious stone finger buttons and a solid valve block hand made by Joe Marcinkiewicz, It is a thing of beauty!

Vermeer Trumpets

The Vermeer trumpet is a classically designed trumpet, inspired by the great horns of yester year. Traditional in its design the Vermeer trumpet is perfectly suited for players of all levels and styles. Using the same valve cluster as the Rembrandt models, the Vermeer model trumpet is 100% brass. The Vermeer model will play a bit tighter and more compact than its Rembrandt counterpart. If you’re a player that likes to feel the compression of the instrument, then the Vermeer model trumpet is the horn for you!

Yellow Brass – 70% Copper, 30% Zinc Three Bell

The three is their most popular bell. Very well rounded, it tends to be the workhorse bell. It is perfectly suited for the player who does it all. This bell has been designed to produce a clear and focused tone without sacrificing spread and sound quality. A medium taper combined with the stock 5″ bead lends excellent projection while adding warmth and tone. Suited for all around playing, this bell is as at home in the big band as it is in a wind ensemble.

The classic bell material and still the most widely used. Yellow brass produces a bright, clean tone which has proven well in all playing situations.

Leadpipe Size 3

#3 0.343″ Tightest lead pipe offered. Gives a brighter tone with moderate resistance.

Large Bore (L) – 0.464″

Finish  Clear Laquer


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